Welcome to Encore Integrated English & Social Studies 10!
August to December 2014
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What follows below is archieved:

Pre-Reading Survival Quiz
Discovery Channel Quiz
Wilderness Survival Quiz
How Stuff Works Survival Quiz
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Pre-Reading "The Bristol Evacuees

"Bristol" Journal

4/23-4/27 Create Your Own Bomb Shelter Project
Main Project Info Sheet:

English Project: Create an Audio Broadcast
Info Sheet:


Audacity Tutorials

The War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast

OGT Practice & ReviewCheck out the following websites for OGT practice tests, information, and FREE workbooks!http://ogt.success-ode-state-oh-us.info/studentsOGT.htm -- General information and resources

http://www.ode.state.oh.us/GD/Templates/Pages/ODE/ODEDetail.aspx?Page=3&TopicRelationID=216&Content=122083 -- Scroll down to OGT Workbooks. Each title will link to a downloadable .pdf version of the practice workbook.

Congratulations! You made it half-way through the year!
Welcome to the 2nd Semester!


Poet's Toolbox Links:
Poetic Devices
Poetry Cool
Chaparral Poets
2/9 Poet's Toolbox Notes

First Poem: "Eating Poetry"

Plus, a little something almost as awesome...
9 Untold Secrets of the Hunger Games!

Check out our DISCUSSION page. Use this feature to post questions that come up as you work on your project. Your fellow students can answer and/or give suggestions. I'll also be monitoring the page, just in case there are still some unanswered questions. To use the page:
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Don't forget to help your fellow students!
Don't forget: Your project is due on

It's time for the Hero's Journey Project!
Here are the guidelines, the graphic organizer, and the RUBRIC:

Be sure to note the second page of the rubric where you will earn points for using your class time wisely. Come prepared to work!

10/11 Link to Doris Lessing's "Through the Tunnel" and discussion questions

"Through the Tunnel"

Check out the notes on the Prezi here:

Hero's Journey Prezi

and don't forget to study for the big QUIZ on FRIDAY 10/7!

Friday 9/23
What is a hero? Create a visual representation of what "hero" means to you. DUE MONDAY 9/26.

Remember to complete your response journal to the "What Shape are YOU?" activity. The prompts and descriptions of each shape are here:

Your journal is due IN CLASS on THURSDAY 9/15.

Summer Reading Assignment
Don't forget to turn in your Reduction on Wednesday 9/7 (you've got an extra day since the first day of school will probably be hectic).
If you lost your assignment sheet, here it is:

Here is the grading rubric as well:

Remember, it's always better to turn an assignment in late than not at all. You'll lose 3 points each day it's late, so get it in soon! Next week we'll be doing some book talks, so be prepared to tell us a little something about the book you selected.

In addition, we'll be doing a journal about your summer reading book in class on Wednesday 9/7 (to be finished for homework, if necessary). Here is the rubric that will be used to grade ALL JOURNALS this year.

On Monday 9/12 and Tuesday 9/13 we'll be doing Book Talks in class so you can show

what you know about the book you selected for summer reading and share your books with your classmates.

Here is a copy of the Book Talk assignment sheet and scoring rubric.