Be RespectfulBe ResponsibleBe Safe

Be on time! Be prepared! Be respectful to yourself, other students, your teachers, all substitute teachers and guests in our classrooms and building as well as school property and the school's rules.

READY: “On time” means arriving promptly to school and being in your assigned classroom when the bell rings, ready with a positive attitude for your class to begin. Being “Ready” contributes to the success of each individual student, all of our classes, and our school community as a whole.

RESPONSIBLE: Students are responsible for being prepared and positive. “Being prepared and positive” means bringing required classroom materials, homework, and a good attitude - - one open to engaging, learning, and participating positively - - to school each day! Being “Responsible” prepares our students for productive and satisfying classroom experiences leading to success in school and life.

RESPECTFUL: Appropriate behavior is expected at all times. Being "Respectful" means following directions, engaging in lessons and activities, using volume control over your voice during activities and discussions, knowing when to listen, being polite, caring and kind to classmates, teachers, and guests in our classrooms and building, and taking care of school property.

DISCIPLINE LADDER: Behavior that is inappropriate will be dealt with quickly and consistently as follows: (1) a Verbal Warning and call home, (2) call home and Lunch Detention with teacher, (3) call home and Lunch Detention with Community Service with teacher, (4) Building Community Service (1 hour) with Administration, and (5) Out-of-School Suspension.