The staff of Reynoldsburg High School upholds the basic premise that all students can learn. We are committed to providing the best educational opportunities for every learner.

The mission of Reynoldsburg High School is to have our students:
  • Demonstrate a mastery of communication skills;
  • Exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society;
  • Develop an understanding of the global interdependence of people, society and the environment;
  • Use effective thinking skills across the curriculum;
  • Develop a tone of trust and decency.
  • Engage in meaningful work to develop a sense of belonging and a readiness to learn through goal setting, self-evaluation, and the ability to reflect on one’s work.

Reynoldsburg Compact on Respect
As a member of the Reynoldsburg Community, I will show my strength by:
  • Greeting others I meet with acts of friendliness and kindness;
  • Taking responsibility for my own actions and how they affect the people and environment around me;
  • Being truthful and honest to myself and others in all that I say and do as a sign of respect for myself and others;
  • Treating all persons in ways that I would like them to treat me;
  • And recognizing that each person is different and has an individual contribution to make to the community.